The IBECA project is Funded by the European Union and implemented by Agrotec in association with Sweco and CMCC. Both of these consulting companies have vast experience in implementing technical assistance projects in Albania and throughout the world.

Overall project objective is to support the sustainable development of the country via improved environmental and climate change requirements and management by enabling Government Institutions to develop, implement and enforce environmental and climate change legislation to EU standards, while the project purposes are:

- To support the Ministry of Environment in enhancing its capacity to build and implement a sound sector strategy, to implement and enforce environmental and Climate Change legislation through:

1. Increasing effectiveness of environmental and Climate Change strategy implementation by building and implementing a sector plan, as well as transposition and implementation of priority EU environmental and Climate Change Acquis

2. Strengthening the Environmental Inspectorate towards an effective law enforcement and prosecution service for violation of environmental requirements in all sectors under the responsibility of the Ministry. Completely replace the existing chapter of the Criminal Code on environment so to allow the transposition of the EU Environmental Crime Directive. Revise the industrial pollution sector legislation (i.e the law on permitting) by transposing the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

3. Ensuring that the National Environmental Agency (NEA) functions effectively at both national and regional levels.

4. Strengthening the capacities of and cooperation between the NEA and the SEI, with permit holders as well as consultation with think tanks, industry associations and civil society organizations to contribute to overseeing the implementation of the new permitting system in line with the IED. Develop a formal link between the NEA/SEI through the establishment of an inter-agency working group on permitting and inspection chaired in alternate sessions by head of NEA and Chief Inspector.

5. Improve the quality of environmental permits and their inspection through the development of an inter-agency agreement between NEA and SEI on the process of permitting and inspection of Type A and B. This agreement should ensure that both the NEA/REA and SEI are fully engaged in the determination of Type A and B permits from application to issue.

6. Supporting public awareness (public officials and public at large) and drive behavioural changes as regards Environment and Climate Change.